Dwarf Hotot posing - Can you identify the properly posed photo of the Dwarf Hotot?
In photo A, the back feed are pushed too far forward and are actually touching the front heel.  This can give the appearance of undercut hindquarters.  The hind feed should be placed even with the
hip joint.

Photo B shows the Dwarf Hotot improperly standing on the table similar to the way a Netherland Dwarf is posed.  The Dwarf Hotot standard calls for a gentle rise to the topline - this is the topline description for rabbits posed down on the table.  The Netherland Dwarf standard calls for the depth of the shoulders to carry through to the hindquarter - this is the description of a rabbit that is posed standing on the table.

Photo C shows a properly posed Dwarf Hotot with the front feet even with the eyes.  The rear toes should be even with the hip joint.

The Dwarf Hotot standard does not describe a desired head mount, but the head should be well set to the body with no visable neck.

Thank you to Sally Turner for the above photos of senior buck,
"Shifflet's 40AR",
Best Opposite Sex winner at the 2000 ARBA Convention and winner of over 30 legs!